Age Is A Number, But Life Is Your Calculator.

Age Has not Spoiled You. Happy Birthday, My Old Friend!

Forever Young And Good-Looking. That's All I Wish You For.

Birthdays Come And Go, So You Need To Go Go Go. I Wish You A Wonderful Bday.

The Best Birthdays. Greeting For You ... Sorry. But That Was All And Could Afford :).

Do not Look For A Heaven In The Sky, Try Making One Here. Happy Birthday, My Friend!

Best Wishes For The Happiest Day Filled With Love And Laughter. Happy Birthday, My Friend.

A Lighter? We're Going To Need A Flamethrower To Light Up Your Candles. Many Happy Returns!

Cheers To You On Your Special Day! I Hope Your Day Is As A Were Born.

Wish You An Outstanding And Fabulous Birthday, Just Like The One You Always Deserve. Happy Birthday!

If You Were A Wonka Bar, You Would Definitely Be Wrapped In The Golden Ticket. Happy Birthday, My Fabulous Friend.

For Your Birthday, I Just Want To Say; I Hope You Can See, How Special You Are To Me. Happy Birthday, My Dear Friend!

Happy Birthday From One Old Hag To Another! I Hope Your Day Is Full Of Fun And You're Surrounded By Family And Friends.

Happy Birthday You Magnificent Bastard !! I Bet Your House Is Filled With Many Leatherbound Books ... And Stinks Of Rich Mahogany !!!

Can I Come Over To Go Shopping In Your Closet? They Say 'Vintage' Is Trending This Year. Happy Birthday, My Fashionable Old Friend.

Happy Birthday! Now When Do We Have To Have A Gossip About All The People You Do not Know You Have A Happy Birthday On Your Facebook Wall ?!

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Happy Birthday, Best Friend! Always Remember That I Appreciate You - Almost As Much As Kim Kardashian Appreciates Herself! Have A Great Day!

Happy Birthday To The Only Person I Would Want As My Getaway Driver !! May We Have Many More Fun Times And Unforgettable Adventures Together.

A Great Friend Is Like Your Favorite Pair Of Underwear. They're Re Comfortable, You've Had Them For A Few Years, And They Make You Feel Confident.

I Invited Christian Gray To Your Birthday Party ... But Since He Did not Rsvp I Will Have To Dole Out The Birthday Spankings Myself !! What Are We Up To This Year ?? Happy Birthday-Now Bend Over!

Friend, Is Your Old Age Getting To You Now? Well If It Will Make You Feel Any Better Just Know That It Will Not Last That Long. You Can not Be Old Forever! Get Out And Enjoy Your Day. Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday To My Dear Friend. I Hope When We 're Old And Our Future Children Put Us In A Home, We' ll Be Roommates Or At Least Across The Hall From Each Other. Our Coffee & Gossip Dates Will Continue On!

I Bought You An Iron For Your Birthday. I Know They Say As You Get Older You Start Getting A Few Creases ... I Wanted To Make Sure You Were Prepared. And Know. And Know. I Am A Very Thoughtful Friend. Happy Birthday !!

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